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Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 7 of a 12 part series

HOW DOES PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE IMPACT ESTATE PLANNING? Estate planning is the process of creating a process for what happens to your investments and assets after your death. It also works to minimize taxation and helps you to protect your family. Permanent life insurance can often be an integral part of this plan. It’s essential to work with a trusted, experienced independent life insurance agent... Read Article

Homeowners Insurance: When Do You File a Claim?

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover damage to your property caused by certain covered events. It stands to reason, as you are paying your premiums, you should take advantage of available coverage. The reality is, it is not always advisable to file a homeowners insurance claim as it can lead to higher premiums or even cancellation in some cases. Underwriters tend to frown on policyholders... Read Article

Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 6 of a 12 part series

How Can Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance Pay for College? Paying for college gets more expensive every year. Yet, you would do anything to ensure that your child’s education is always within reach. Many families create a combination of methods to pay for school, such as savings plans and investment accounts. But, for some, a permanent life insurance policy can be an excellent way to... Read Article

Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 5 of a 12 part series

Disability Insurance for High Income Earners Are you a doctor, lawyer, or other well-paid professional? If so, your needs for disability insurance are the same as anyone else. However, trying to get by on a traditional policy simply may not help. As a high income earner, you need disability insurance designed to address the amount of income you earn, and your financial needs. Accidents and... Read Article

How to Control Workers Compensation Costs

Workers compensation has become a major contributing factor to the cost of business insurance. Premiums are high for many types of businesses, and the additional costs associated with employee injuries can be staggering. However, business owners are not as helpless as they may feel in controlling the cost of workers compensation insurance. Our knowledgeable agents at Dimmitt Insurance in Clearwater, Florida are available to assist... Read Article