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Can Your Homeowner’s Policy Survive This Checklist?

Here is a quick checklist of 7 key categories that can literally save you hundreds of dollars per year on your annual homeowner’s insurance policy in the state of Florida. These items are overlooked by most homeowners. If any of the items listed below apply to you, it’s worth calling your insurance provider to make sure you are taking advantage of these discounts on your... Read Article

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

The short answer is yes! Whether or not you live in a high risk flood zone, you are taking a tremendous risk with your home and financial security by not obtaining flood insurance. With very few exceptions, homeowners’ insurance does not provide coverage for damage caused by a flood. While the image of a river overflowing its banks often comes to mind when defining a... Read Article

Flood Insurance

While homeowners’ insurance typically provides protection for things like a fire, lightning strike, hail damage, theft, and many other hazards, one thing usually not covered under a homeowners’ policy is flood. With few notable exceptions, you must purchase a separate flood insurance policy in order to protect your home from rising water, mud slides, and tidal surge. The National Flood Insurance Program provides coverage for... Read Article

Automobile Insurance Terms

One of the first steps to determining what automobile coverage you need is understanding the insurance terminology on your automobile policy. Below you will find a glossary of coverage terms and basic definitions. If you would like more detailed information, please refer to the article specifically discussing each topic. Bodily Injury Liability – This refers to the liability amount of coverage available if you are responsible... Read Article