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Boaters Insurance – Protecting Your Watercraft

Owning a boat, whether for fishing or simply enjoying the open water, can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. Boats are valuable assets requiring comprehensive insurance coverage. Like most other vehicles, boats need both property insurance and liability protection. The right policy minimizes most of your risks as an owner of significant and unexpected loss. Here’s a closer look at the coverage you... Read Article

Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 8 of a 12 part series

Life Insurance Can Pay Off Your Mortgage No one really likes making that mortgage payment every month. But, if you are doing okay, working as you usually do, it is something you can do. Here’s a harsh, fairly negative view, though. What happens if your family isn’t able to keep making those payments because your income is no longer available to them? Could they do... Read Article

Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 7 of a 12 part series

HOW DOES PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE IMPACT ESTATE PLANNING? Estate planning is the process of creating a process for what happens to your investments and assets after your death. It also works to minimize taxation and helps you to protect your family. Permanent life insurance can often be an integral part of this plan. It’s essential to work with a trusted, experienced independent life insurance agent... Read Article

Life Happens – Be Prepared – Part 6 of a 12 part series

How Can Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance Pay for College? Paying for college gets more expensive every year. Yet, you would do anything to ensure that your child’s education is always within reach. Many families create a combination of methods to pay for school, such as savings plans and investment accounts. But, for some, a permanent life insurance policy can be an excellent way to... Read Article

Dimmitt Insurance at Festivals of Speed St Petersburg

Dimmitt Insurance was proud to participate in this year's Festivals of Speed St Pete. The Festivals of Speed Car Show was held in Vinoy Park in Downtown St Pete on Sunday. Hundreds of cars were on display from dealerships and owners. Dimmitt Insurance raffled off an iWatch and met hundreds of guests. Dimmitt Insurance also had a special VIP tent with food and drinks for Dimmitt Insurance clients... Read Article