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Motorcycle Insurance – Creating Protection for the Rider

Motorcycle insurance is a critical component for most riders. These bikes provide an outlet for relaxation, but they are also valuable assets that require financial protection from risks. Because motorcycles are involved in thousands of accidents each year, the purchase of insurance is important for most owners.   What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover? Motorcycles insurance needs to provide for a range of needs for the... Read Article

Life Happens - Be Prepared - Part 10 of a 12 part series

Plan for Retirement with Permanent Life Insurance: Yes, Life Insurance One of the best reasons to invest in a permanent life insurance policy is to fund your retirement. Many people believe that life insurance is solely for those who you leave behind. While these policies do offer a payment to beneficiaries after your death, these whole life policies can do more. They can, in nearly... Read Article

Life Happens - Be Prepared - Part 9 of a 12 part series

Could Life Insurance Cover Your Car Loan? Maybe Easier Than You Think! Here’s one of the small perks of having life insurance. It could pay off your car loan. If you are tired of having to make that monthly payment, or perhaps you are planning to retire soon and you want to pay off your debts, your permanent life insurance could go to work for... Read Article

Life Happens - Be Prepared - Part 2 of a 12 part series

You Cannot Afford to Be Without Term Life Insurance – It’s Well Within Your Reach, Too You’re a homeowner. You’re working to raise a family or thinking about sending your children off to college in a few years. The financial obligations are mounting. If you don’t have a term life insurance plan in place right now, you need to act. A simple, cost-effective term life... Read Article

Life Happens - Be Prepared - Part 1 of a 12 part series

Term Life Insurance: An Essential Investment for Right Now There’s no way to know what will happen in the future. Yet, you have resources available that can help to reduce the risks you face. At Dimmitt Insurance, we encourage our clients to tap into the affordable benefit of term life insurance. Is it right for you? Why Term Life Insurance Matters Term life insurance is... Read Article