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Rising Flood Insurance Rates

Homeowners Are Feeling the Pinch from Rising Flood Insurance Rates.  Homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay area could see flood insurance rates rise, again. Simply, the National Flood Insurance Program, which provides many such policies in the region, is likely to continue to raise insurance rates for homeowners. The reason is easy to see, as flooding continues to be a concern as massive hurricanes continue to... Read Article

What to do before and after the storm

Before the storm  The CFA offers these three tips:  Locate your homeowners or renters policy, and make sure it's in a safe place where you can reach it after the storm. Review your policy to find out how and where to report a claim. If possible, document your belongings with photos or a video tour. The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America also recommends a... Read Article

What To Do After An Auto Accident

Accident Accidents happen, but, drivers involved in a car accident have certain responsibilities to protect themselves and get medical aid for those who need it – whether the injured are passengers in your own car, or in the other car in the accident. There is a lot for you to do, and things you shouldn't do if you are in a car crash.     Every... Read Article

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is here, are you ready for it?  Floridians often take a ho-hum attitude when hurricane seasons arrives believing that if they and their property came through past hurricanes without incident, they are safe. These folks are mistaken as the need for advance preparations cannot be overstated. How To Prepare for Hurricane Season Start planning for hurricane season in Florida before the season begins.... Read Article

Florida Whole Life and Term Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policy If you are looking to buy life insurance the first thing you need to know is that there are two kinds of life insurance: Term Life Insurance, and Whole Life Insurance While both will pay out upon your death if the policy is active and premiums are up-to-date, there are enormous differences between them.   Term Insurance Term insurance has a fixed... Read Article