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What To Do After An Auto Accident

Accident Accidents happen, but, drivers involved in a car accident have certain responsibilities to protect themselves and get medical aid for those who need it – whether the injured are passengers in your own car, or in the other car in the accident. There is a lot for you to do, and things you shouldn't do if you are in a car crash.     Every... Read Article

Florida Whole Life and Term Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policy If you are looking to buy life insurance the first thing you need to know is that there are two kinds of life insurance: Term Life Insurance, and Whole Life Insurance While both will pay out upon your death if the policy is active and premiums are up-to-date, there are enormous differences between them.   Term Insurance Term insurance has a fixed... Read Article

Florida Sinkhole Insurance - Do You Need It?

Sinkhole Homeowner Insurace What Causes Sinkholes in Florida? Florida has earned international notice for its hurricanes and alligators, but, there is a third important natural disaster for Floridians to worry about – sinkholes. Florida is the number one state in the United States for the natural occurrence of sinkholes.       Few parts of Florida may be less prone to developing sinkholes. The Florida peninsula is... Read Article

Florida No-Fault Insurance Demystified   

  No Fault Insurance Law Florida is one of 12 states that have modified their personal injury laws for medical expenses due to an auto accident. The modification is that regardless of who is at fault for a car crash in Florida, claims for personal injury are paid for by each driver’s own insurance company. This type of personal injury protection is called no-fault insurance... Read Article

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Life is good. You are a successful doctor in your mid-thirties. You earn a high-six-figure income, have no student debt, only have a few years left on your mortgage, and enjoy a high balance in your retirement account. Your kids are great and you love your wife. What could go wrong? Murphy’s Law Mr. Murphy must have been the most unfortunate persons on... Read Article